Cynthia Heelan & Associates

     Engaging your organization’s heart and voice; helping you grow from good to great


                What We Do

We help organizations discover and create the future of their working community.  We support an organization’s planning process with Appreciative Dialogue and creativity.  We facilitate Authenticity Retreats.  We support leadership development and creative aging in organizations.  We are committed to excellent Community College Processes and practices.  We write, publish and have great reviews


As leaders and followers, if we speak from our hearts, our authentic selves, we can breathe new passion and purpose and then human capacity into our organizations. Creating a place of joy, peace, and high morale that facilitates innovation and creativity relies at least in part, on the leader’s spirit; an ability to create space for and then respond to, the deepest concerns of staff.

                                                    Cynthia Heelan



The Mobius Strip is our logo because there is no outside nor inside on the Mobius Strip.  The two apparent sides keep blending into one another…the inside becoming the outside and the outside becoming the inside.  The Mobius Strip presents a metaphor of an authentic person; one who allows what is inside to flow outward and touch the world – and who allows the world to flow inward and touch inner reality.  Cynthia Heelan & Associates works with you to create an organizational reality that is authentic, open, and vital.

Our Logo Depicts Important Attributes of Cynthia Heelan & Associates

Dr. Cynthia Heelan assists organizations to lead and plan in ways that engage the entire institution’s heart and voice. She was President at Colorado Mountain College for almost ten years; over a period of 36 years, she served as an associate dean and as a vice president of community colleges in Minnesota.  She has 300 hours of training in design and consultation using Group Process.  651-340-0051