We Support an Organization’s Planning Using    Appreciative Dialogue and Inquiry

APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY is based on the assumption that everyone is proud of many aspects of their organization  Tapping into that pride is a resource for your organization that allows everyone to feel responsible for success.  Focusing on successes and on what works generates a positive energy, excitement and good will to continue to do more and to move optimistically toward a challenging future.  Appreciative Inquiry approaches action from a success perspective unlike many approaches that focus on identifying problems and seeking solutions.  Appreciative Inquiry uncovers what gives life to an organization when it is at its best.   It is important for all the people who will be affected by the strategic plan to be a part of its development and the Appreciation process.  It is a sense of a vividly imagined future that compels staff to support it.

     The process of Appreciative Inquiry results in a specific plan stated in terms that provide a vision for the future.  These are statements about where an organization wants to be in a specified period of time, based on the best of the past.  Each individual and group in the organization then develops specific strategies to help the it arrive at its vision on time.

A final plan for an organization will be in place at the end of several processes.  Input for the plan will include information from leaders, all employees and members of the communities served by the organization. 

Everyone’s ideas were considered and are valuable.   The plan emphasizes the inclusiveness of all.

     Planning Committee Member

    Engaging your organization’s heart and voice; 

                 helping you grow from good to great

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We did great on our accreditation and in fact got a commendation on our overall planning process. The chair of the team asked how it was possible that everyone knew what was in our plan and how they all knew about our entire process...seems like a no brainer to me but I was very happy.  College President