Associates of Cynthia Heelan

Ginna Gemmell has more than 20 years of experience working with leaders of Fortune 500 companies and Associations, taking them to the next level of growth through innovation consulting and group facilitation.   Her coaching services help Innovators overcome the barriers to achieving their professional goals.  Work with their teams often results in "new to the world" breakthroughs.

Gail Mellow is President of LaGuardia Community College in New York City.  She is past president of Glouster College. New Jersey and V.P. of Rockland Community College, New York.  Gail and her New York City college have been awarded many top awards for excellence and creativity and leadership.

Since 1979 Steve Mittelstet has served as president of Richland College, Dallas, Texas--the only community college honored by the White House with the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (2005).  Steve also serves as Superintendent of the innovative Richland Collegiate High School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering--the only exclusively dual-credit charter high school in the nation.

Associates, like our organizational clients, form an  organic network of creative, energetic and thoughtful                professionals. 


      Engaging your organization’s heart and voice;

                  helping you grow from good to great