We Facilitate Experiences Using Parker Palmer’s Design for Authenticity and for Leadership From Any Chair

Authentic Leadership applies Parker Palmer’s work to organization leaders, staff and students or clients.  Harvard authors Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal write:  “Perhaps we lost our way when we forgot that the heart of leadership lies in the hearts of leaders.  We fooled ourselves, thinking that sheer bravado or sophisticated analytic techniques could respond to our deepest concerns.  We lost touch with a most precious gift---our spirit.” These retreats incorporate reflective dialogue and conversation to regain a sense of spirit, of inner guidance, and authentic voice, that can assist you to lead even more creative and vital institutions.  Events are offered in collaboration with the Center For Renewal and Wholeness in Higher Education at Richland College in Dallas, Texas. 

The workshops, because they encourage individuals to draw on their inner resources are called retreats.  Spending time with an individual focus while in community provides people with the time to be comfortable drawing on their own needs and desires and at the same time, hearing the voice of others to prepare for work lives of deeper grounding and authenticity.



A strong community helps people develop a sense of true self, for only in community can the self exercise and fulfill its nature:  giving and taking, listening and speaking, being and doing.

                                       Parker Palmer

Engaging your organization’s heart and voice;

              helping you grow from good to great