Appreciative Inquiry Process

    Engaging your organization’s heart and voice; 

                 helping you grow from good to great


Input for the process and the plan includes information from leaders, all employees and members of the communities served by an organization. 

The Process

  1. Respond to questions intended to draw out the best of the past in order to visualize the most creative and exciting future.

  1. A planning group meets to identify themes that cut across the entire organization and community and select those themes that become the strategic plan’s core work.

  1. This group selects and refines affirmative (VISIONARY) statements about each theme that describes an idealized future as if the new plan for building on successes was already in place.  The group also drafts a statement describing what each statement means.

  1. Across-the-organization/community-themes and their vision statements are summarized and sent to constituents for review.   Broad dissemination assists in ensuring organization-wide investment.  This could be done via e-mail so it is easy for individuals to provide their input.

  1. Revisions incorporate ideas from constituents.

We identified all the major gripes at our college, and nobody griped.  We simply addressed them from the other side, the side where somebody was doing it right.   College leader